Channel Cutter Yachts is owned and operated by Bryan Gittins. His life’s passion is building high-quality, ocean-ready yachts, including the Falmouth Cutter 34. His dedication to sailing and boatbuilding has taken him around the world.

The quality of Bryan’s work has been recognized by some of the biggest names in the business. In 2010, Cruising World wrote a feature story about Bryan’s journey.

Bryan Gittins was born in Uruguay but raised in Argentina.  At 21, he immigrated to Canada, and found work in a boatyard where 28-foot Bristol Channel Cutters were being built. Bryan quickly moved up the ranks, and ultimately took over the woodworking side of the business.  With his friend Al Brunt, they formed G & B Boat Works, which finished out these hulls for their customers.

Bryan and Al’s reputation grew until no less than Ferenc Máté wrote in his book Best Boats to Build or Buy, ‘Their work is precise, and their attitude is that of a traditional craftsman whose work oozes pride. They’ll never get rich, but they sure sleep well at night.’

Máté was right; they didn’t get rich. After three years and a prolonged recession, Al Brunt was forced to find steadier work. Bryan, though, carried on alone-his dream to own his own boat intact. Seven determined years later, he launched a completed Danzarin.”

After extensive world cruising that included the Marquesas, Chile,  Cape Horn, Argentina and Africa, Bryan returned to Canada.  He secured the exclusive, worldwide rights to build the Falmouth Cutter 34 — a boat Lyle Hess called  “the best boat that I’ve ever designed.”

Bryan settled down on 5 idyllic forested  acres near Ladysmith, Vancouver Island, where he builds the Falmouth Cutter 34 on a semi-custom basis.

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  1. LOVE the new site Bryan!! Looks sharp. Incredible photos and workmanship!

    Keep up the good work,

    ps- Still cleaning out ‘Guiding Star’. She needs to be tented (insect fumigation) and hopefully will begin working on her next week…

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Building the Lyle Hess designed Falmouth Cutter 34